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These Books that I Recommend can Assist with your Journey to Self Discovery and Healthy Lasting Relationships. 

Women’s Empowerment



Pre-Commitment/Pre-Marital Couples

  • 131 Necessary Conversations Before Marriage

    By Jed Jurchenko

  • Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts


  • The Things I Wished I Known Before I Got Married

    By Gary Chapman


  • Communication in Marriage, How to Communicate With Your Spouse Without Fighting, 2nd Edition

    By Marcus and Ashley Kusi

  • No More Fighting, 20 Minutes a Week to a Strong Relationship

    By Alicia Munoz, LPC

  • Marriage Can Survive Infidelity

    DBy Cody J. Perry, PhD

Women’s Empowerment

  • Don’t Settle for Safe

    By Sarah Jakes Roberts

  • Girl, Stop Apologizing: A Shame Free Plan For Embracing And Achieving Your Goals

    , By Rachel Hollis

  • Be Unapologetically You: A Self Love Guide For Women Of Color

    By Adeline Bird


It was a great experience working with Coach Karen!  She has a calming voice along with a welcoming and supportive environment.  She was able to help me find self-discovery and clarity regarding my situations.  Coach Karen never judged me and she was empathetic throughout our sessions.   Karen was very reassuring about working as a team and being a cheerleader while I work on my goals!

-Joy, College Student/Probation Officer, Boston, MA

While working with Coach Karen, we were able to identify the real issues within our relationships. Karen was able to offer tools and help to create goals, a plan and strategy.  Now, we are able to resolve conflicts without a third party and are engaged to be married!   Thank you Coach Karen!!

-Nia & Mohamed, Business Manager/Contractor, Watertown, MA

Couch Karen Jones Ogbeifun worked with me as I was having issues managing my time with various people and projects.  I had couple of sessions with her and was able to effectively narrow down what the issue was and how resolve them. Things have turned around for me now. Thank you ILOC Consulting! Thank you Karen Jones Ogbeifun!

-Osa, Father/Consultant/Pastor, Temple Terrace, Florida