“I am Passionate and Committed to Helping You Get:  Educated, Motivated & Elevated!!”

Welcome To ILOC Consulting, LLC

My Name is Coach Karen Jones-Ogbeifun

Thank you for visiting ILOC Consulting, LLC.  Where I believe in teaching women powerful strategies to dominant their struggles in personal growth and development, such as self-doubt, fear and pain.  Additionally, I help couples get the love they need, by “leaning in” to identify their challenges, provide powerful tools and resources on communicating lovingly and effectively and learning how to fighting fair.


I coach the whole person and help our clients move away from thinking self-destructive thoughts and behaviors, by breaking negative patterns, that do not serve themselves or their relationship.   


During these sessions, we work not only to rebuild the relationship, but address those behaviors and work to shift thoughts into a positive and optimistic mindset.  That is why before ending any session, we recite a positive inspiration and/or affirmation.  Our clients leave feeling heard, seen, understood, motivated, educated, empowered and ready to handle any challenges.

Meet ILOC Coach Karen

It was through my experience growing up in an authoritarian and toxic home, that I was unable to find self-discovery and evolve into a confident young woman.  As a young adult, I learned about the dangers of what unhealthy situations in my life and relationships can do.  I lost confidence in myself and my abilities.  See, I sat in the back seat and allowed others to drive and that was the beginning of the many misadventures that I would experience.


One night, I was filled with sadness and  could not take living anymore and was ready to end my life. I got on my knees and asked God to help me.  A divine, loving and healing presence surrounded me and spoke to my spirit.  The overwhelming sadness started to dissipate!  I started to feel better!  The divine voice told me to stop crying and stand up.  I picked my head up, wiped by tears and began working on myself.


With Coaching, I was able to take my life back and create it the way I wanted.  I learned what it means to be a strong, confident and empowered woman.  I learned how to have healthy and fulfilling relationships with myself and others.  When my breakthrough showed and the glow was back, women and couples started asking what I did that changed my life in such a positive way.  I started sharing my strategies to help women and couples and became an  “unofficial coach.”


Lastly, I have three beautiful children, a boy and two girls.  I am married to an awesome man, my cheerleader and biggest supporter.  He is a Woli, an awesome prayer warrior and Preacher.

Coach Karen and Co-Author Coach Tamera J.'s New Book Is Coming Soon

Prayer Journal:  My Journal of Love

Book will be available soon!!!

Mission Statement

My passion is helping woman get out of the unhealthy relationship cycle with themselves and others by finding and using their internal locus of control (ILOC).  Also, I help couples get the love they need and create healthy and fulfilling relationships by teaching strategies on how to fight fair.

Education Station

My Credentials

Relationship Coach, Life Coach & Solution Focused Coach Certificates, Universal Coaching Institute, Atlanta, GA

B.A., General Psychology, Coursework in Dysfunctional Families

Curry College, Milton, MA

Relationship Workshop Facilitator Certificate, Transformation Academy, Online

Certifications in Conflict Resolution and Consulting, Online


Workshop Presenter, W.E.L.L. Win Wellness
Co-Author, My Journal of Love Prayer Book Creator
ILOC Women’s Sista Circle
Course, Fighting Fair for Couples