Welcome to ILOC Consulting, LLC

I help women who no longer wish to surrender to the
repetitive relationship crisis, personally and romantically. With
my proven coaching strategies, I provide women the tools to
reclaim and transform their lives to become fierce personally
and in their relationships!

I have some questions for you?

Do you need help with why you go into “hiding” after every personal disappointment or failed relationship?

Do you need help with discovering why your relationships never stay permanent? 

Do you need help with letting go of the hurt, pain and wanting revenge on an ex?

Do you need help with how to get to the other side of confusion, helplessness and hopelessness?

Do you know what you want out of life, from a partner?  Do you need help trying to figure that out?

Do you need help discovering who you are and what God created you to be? 

If you answered “Yes” to any of the questions, I believe my ILOC program will work for you!!

Are you tired of the relationship trauma and being triggered?

Can we say, Never again to unhealthy and unstable relationships!

We are tired of the mind games and want to know where the relationship is headed!

Have we had enough of placing our worth on the words or actions of others?  Isn’t this our lives and our time to shine?!

Are you ready to experience what the ILOC Coaching program can do?  Then let’s go!!

Ten Benefits Why Women & Couples Should Work With Me

To Change Your Life
  • Learn How To Identify & Activate Your Superpower
  • Learn How To Discover Your Life Purpose & Live It
  • Learn Powerful Tools When Being Overwhelmed With Life
  • Learn How To Identify & Address Trauma Triggers
  • Learn How To Stop Self Limiting Beliefs & Increase Confidence Level
  • Learn How To Stop Growing Apart & Sustain A Loving Relationship
  • Learn How To Communicate & Negotiate Effectively In Relationships
  • Learn How To Deepen Intimacy & An Understanding Of Your Partner’s Needs
  • Learn How To Approach Challenges in Infidelity, Parenting, In-Laws, Money & Sex
  • Learn How To Stop Setting Unrealistic Expectations On Your Partner & Why It Happens

Move on from The Pain of The Past to a Better Future!

Feel Confident and Empowered!
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It was a great experience working with Coach Karen!  She has a calming voice along with a welcoming and supportive environment.  She was able to help me find self-discovery and clarity regarding my situations.  Coach Karen never judged me and she was empathetic throughout our sessions.   Karen was very reassuring about working as a team and being a cheerleader while I work on my goals!

-Joy, College Student/Probation Officer, Boston, MA

While working with Coach Karen, we were able to identify the real issues within our relationships. Karen was able to offer tools and help to create goals, a plan and strategy.  Now, we are able to resolve conflicts without a third party and are engaged to be married!   Thank you Coach Karen!!

-Nia & Mohamed, Business Manager/Contractor, Watertown, MA

Couch Karen Jones Ogbeifun worked with me as I was having issues managing my time with various people and projects.  I had couple of sessions with her and was able to effectively narrow down what the issue was and how resolve them. Things have turned around for me now. Thank you ILOC Consulting! Thank you Karen Jones Ogbeifun!

-Osa, Father/Consultant/Pastor, Temple Terrace, Florida